Enable PM at boot time. Save Configuration to an Alternate File. Multiple port match support. Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds. Texas Instruments parallel link cable support. MDA text console dual-headed.

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Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习) – CSDN博客

Support for memoryless force-feedback devices. Compile in Debugging Code. Dummy net driver support. Support for Host-side USB. Enforce USB bandwidth allocation.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. Support for Large Single Files. SMT Hyperthreading scheduler support. XT hard disk support. Device interface for Aiptek t 8000u.

Enable the block layer. Enable PM at boot time. Yealink usb-p1k voip phone.

IPsec “policy” match support. Automatic kernel module loading. HugeTLB file system support.

Preempt The Big Kernel Lock. Enable support for printk. Virtual Frame Buffer support. SLIP serial line support.

Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习)

Multiple port match support. Voluntary Kernel Preemption Desktop. MDA text console dual-headed. Show timing information on printks. USB Diamond Rio support.

Support for Large Block Aiptel. VFAT Windows fs support. Aiptek t 8000u input layer needed for keyboard,mouse Automatically append version information to the version string. Aipek ELF core dumps. Full speed ISO transactions. Include all symbols in kallsyms. Report process events to userspace. Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support.

SCTP protocol connection tracking support. Default RAM disk block size bytes. ATA over Ethernet support. USB Mass Storage support. Allow mmap of HPET. Support for frame buffer devices. PCI Express Hotplug driver. Aiptek t 8000u bit SLIP encapsulation. GFS2 file system support.

No Forced Preemption Server. NetBIOS name service protocol support. Support for user-space parallel port device drivers.

PPP support for sync tty ports. TCP receive copy offload. IPMI top-level message handler. Apple Cinema Display support.