My number 8 key is not fixable because the latches on the key itself broke off. Thanks so much, this was very helpful and a wonderful find! The pictures helped tremendously!! I got them all on, and had to look up several pictures of keyboards to figure out where some keys went. The silicone knobs on all keys had all been detached from the base. Snap the key cap on the retainer.

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It acts as a right click when something is selected, so if you click on a file and press that button, it will have the same effect as right clicking. My young son pryed off 3 or 4 buttons and I thought I was headed to the local electronics store maintenance dept.

This is a Mpc transport t2400 laptop. Thank you so mpc transport t2400 Turn the key upside down and take a closer look at the locking clips.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

Is there any solution to this problem? Does anyone have a website that has to do with Gateways? My 2 mpc transport t2400 old got a hold of my transpkrt and pulled about half of the keys off, including the space bar and command keys. The update shows how to install the space mpc transport t2400 key. The last time my wife managed to put it back — took her 30 mins.

I attached the round-ish piece first. I am using Asus laptop A8F model. I was sure that this was going to mpc transport t2400 a big problem but your information has saved me a lot of time and trouble.

The advice here is great and I am now headed to mpc transport t2400 with high hopes that I can find the indidividual keys I need. I have the retainer transpoft the cap but the thing is the little black thing in the middle of a key is off.

If the person who posted before me has the same keyboard that I do…. I need to clean it out mpc transport t2400 I found this page by Googling. Mpx, please could you tell me what glue you used to fix the silicone membrane back onto the keyboard?

I have searched Google and it seems like I cannot find mpc transport t2400 results at all. I have fixed it so easily that i could not belive yransport have done so.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

I panicked when my daughter pulled 9 keys off. Fantastic…was about to throw my DiNovio keyboard out due to fallen off keys…get straight forward useful advice…there should be more info like this around…. I struggled for fifteen mpc transport t2400 trying by myself, and fixed it in 5 seconds after I read your post.

This key will not stay connected to the retainer either. What happens if the part that you press down on sorta, kinda, got ripped off? Thanks for the mpc transport t2400 advice here.

The problem seems to be that two of the points where the retainer attaches to the keyboard itself have broken off.

The Caps lock mpc transport t2400 has come off of my laptop — it appears to be in a similar design to the spacebar.

Do you have one I can purchase? Thank you very much for your help. I got my tranxport key pieces this way and saved myself from having to send my laptop away to HP mpc transport t2400 them to replace the whole keyboard. Vincent and the Grenadines.

But then I found your directions.

It was the Pg Dn key so it was very easy to fix. You hold the key cap by the edges with your fingers and start carefully lifting it up. It mpc transport t2400 because one of the tips is broken.

You saved my life, HP Support mpc transport t2400, but your guide allowed me to repair the key. Thanks for the pictures!!! They try and get you off the phone in under 6 and a half minutes.