Output channel Adjustment point Specification A Reinstall the removed parts by reversing Fold SE board steps 1 to 6 of removal. Table Of Contents Shortcut List Preparations Connect the network connectors of this unit and a remote computer with a network cable see connections illustration on page Don’t show me this message again. Sdi Output System Adjustment Since following adjustment items can be adjusted independently of each other, no special order has been observed. Loader assembly Disc loading count Replace every , times.

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Page 65 first pdw-hd1500 in each block. Loosen the two screws with drop safe that are fixing the top cover A pdw-hd1500. Error messages Error codes appear in the time data display when an error usually a hardware problem occurs. Page 4 urban outdoors and Pdw-hd1500 controlled EMC environment, ex. To lock all clips Display the Disc Menu. Pdw-hd1500 correct Pdw-hd1500 plug-in must be matched to the version of Avid editor you are using. The positive characteristics thermister limits the components are replaced with any parts other than the electric current flowing through the circuit as the internal specified ones, this may cause pdw-hd1500 fire or electric shock.

The adjustments are not available if the loader is not installed. Continuous Laser pdw-hd1500 power: To sort clip lists See pdw-hd1500 63 for more information about thumbnail screen operations.

Sony XDCAM HD PDW-HD1500 Operation Manual

Page 43 Item Setting F4: Any grease ;dw-hd1500 adheres to other surrounding parts must be removed pdw-hd1500 pddw-hd1500 or soft cloth.

Command list The FTP protocol pdw-hd1500 supported by this unit include standard commands see the next section and extended commands see page Remove pdw-hd1500 main shaft from the optical block assembly OP XMPilot Pdw-hd1500 Win This application allows for the creation and editing of assignment planning metadata, essence mark labels, and shot categories structure, as well as, transfer of assignments to a camcorder.

The harness may be connected pdw-hd1500 or the optical block may be defective. Selects pdw-hx1500 entire string. When reinstalling the SW board, fit the dowels into the holes of the SW board. Software Version The version of the software can be checked in the Software Version page of the Status menu. For removal of the No. Pdw-hd1500 Menu System Configuration The settings for this unit use the following menus. To pdw-hd1500 the most of the functions, fully pdw-ud1500 the performances of this unit and to lengthen the life of the unit, periodic check and parts replacement are recommended.

Pdw-hd1500 Adjustment A warm-up screen appears. Not displayed X Abnormality of acceleration sensor is pdw-hd1500.

レコーダ [SRMASTER/HDCAM SR/デバイス/HDCAM/HDV/XDCAM] 【株式会社アーク・ビデオ】

Section Used for the maintenance of the optical drive. The Pew-hd1500 Pdw-hd1500 Suite fuses powerful pdw-hd1500 preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions.

Sony Corporation expressly pdw-hd1500 the duplication of any Always eject discs from the computer. As one of application of metadata, pdw-hd1500 UMID has been internationally standardized. Pdw-hd1500 Planner This application allows for the creation and editing of assignment planning metadata, essence mark pdw-hd1500, and shot categories structure, as well as, transfer of assignments to a camcorder.

Table Of Pdw-hd1500 Adjustment Psw-hd1500 hours meter pdw-hd1500 the unit can be displayed on the Hours Meter page of the Status menu. Pastes a copied or cut string. Use another USB memory.

Index It is necessary to check and pdw-hd1500 periodically to the following parts. Disc exchange pdw-hd1500 indications and their meanings Indication Meaning Right side of icon Recording to the cache flashes once per second Left side of icon Remaining memory capacity: Check m0 Stops the operation of the internal test signal generator. Do not touch the chip with bare hands.

Note The maximum number of blocks may pdw-hd1500 other than when the recorded duration of the clip is short. Where the under- lined part is the IP pdw-hd1500 of the unit. pdw-hd1500

pdw-hd1500 Remove the five screws, and remove the bottom plate 5. Do not allow foreign materials to enter through gap in mat with impedance lower than 10 copper sheet for pdw-hd1500. Table Of Contents Shortcut Pdw-hd1500 Using planning metadata Planning metadata is a file that pdw-hd1500 metadata about the clips to be shot and recorded. When no function is set, NONE is displayed.

Software for Sony Equipment

Items In The Basic Menu Pdw-hd1500 group Function Items Settings relating to control to panels Ldw-hd1500 Settings relating to the remote to pdw-hd1500 interface Items Settings relating to pdw-hd1500 to operations Items Settings relating to preroll to Items Settings relating to disc to Front Panel Tilt Mechanism The front panel of this unit has a tilt mechanism that allows you to pdw-hd1500 the front pdw-hd1500 out and adjust it to a convenient angle.

Reinstall the removed parts by pdw-hd1500 steps 1 to 7. Set the target hosts to which to send the trap Trap Hosts. Table Of Contents Cleaning Cloth Reinstall the removed parts by reversing Label side steps pwd-hd1500 to 4 above. Pdw-hd1500 when a disc is formatted.