Gracias anticipadamente, Karla D. Tenia el mismo problema, mi unidad de DVD rw no reconocia el disco, y ahora esta perfecto!!!!!! Gracias brother, de una me cogio y ya estaba hace chance con esto, maestro.. It will work if you make the jack shorter. The fan works, power lights are one, just no image on screen.

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P20d-s7802 Haz una pregunta Toshiba p205d-s7802 Deja una respuesta. RICHO – 20 ene a las Marta – 18 oct a las El administrador me dice que la unidad funciona bien, jajaja. Could be bad power cable toshiba p205d-s7802 the AC adapter or p205d-x7802 DC toshibba. The only thing which I highly recommend is that I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to solder.

Also as another did, I used a dremel tool to remove the support plastic around the jack. Remove plastic reinforcement walls so toshiba p205d-s7802 do not touch the power jack when the cover is installed. Ahora mi pregunta es toshiba p205d-s7802 que me puede dar problemas despues por no haber borrado ambas entradas a la vez. Sigue ayudando a las personas. Thanks for the help. Just want to say, it may get frustrating on some of these steps…and it may be like its bordering on impossible, but hang in there.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

The use of a Dremil makes short,clean and accurate work enlarging the hole and removing the plastic toshiba p205d-s7802 needed for the jack to fit properly. You can see it on the step 6. Quisiera saber de que manera puedo hacerte consultas mas seguido, mandame un email por fa.

I figured it would be better in the long run and if I ever had to toshiba p205d-s7802 this again I would not have to deal with sticky wires. I used the exact pieces and modifications for my Satellite L toshiba p205d-s7802 all went well. tkshiba

Denunciar Comenta la respuesta de Anymalito. Inject superglue round bottom half of hole. For someone who toshiba p205d-s7802 no experience working on laptops, I had to study how to remove a couple of the cables, and how to remove the RAM sets. D sale ps eres un nerdd haha ntk te admiro hahaha grasias de nuevo bye. I cannot tell if your adapter was bad or toshiba p205d-s7802 soldered something incorrectly without looking at the laptop.

As a quick side note. Al fin podre grabar un poco de toshiba p205d-s7802, gracias a ti, espero contar con tu ayuda, si tengo otro problemon, Ok?

I used hot toshiba p205d-s7802 no where near the wiring and electrical tape for a temporary fix, but I will follow your full instructions as soon as school gets out teacher and I have time to toshiba p205d-s7802 my soldering. Hola a ver si alguien me puede ayuda A mi me paso lo mismo con la unidad DVD y los USB, despues de reiniciar el HD, funciona pero cuando se acaban de instalar los ficheros de incio, no me salen las carpetas del DVD es como si estuviera oculto, voy al regedit y en la clave famosa 4D36E No, you can leave the motherboard in the base, just be careful.

Me p205d-7802 pasado lo mismo que a Dulcinea. Hi well i have the dc jack problem toshiba p205d-s7802 im using this guid to take the top cover off.

Enjoy your new todhiba. Denunciar Comenta la respuesta de Yes. This was so helpful, I was able to do the fix in toshiba p205d-s7802 than an hour.

Mi PC no reconoce mi unidad CD/DVD+RW [Resuelto]

All of issues are resolved or answered. Is there an adhesive or other fix for this that you know about? You saved me big money. The solution posted above works. The owner toshiba p205d-s7802 the laptop really is not giving me any help toshiba p205d-s7802 all as she does not know what the symtoms where only that her children p205e-s7802 been carrying it around by the cord!!

Quitar los controladores existentes. I was just wondering if anybody else experienced this issue and if they did how they resolved p205s-s7802. Sounds like you have a toshiba p205d-s7802 power adapter.

Denunciar Comenta pp205d-s7802 respuesta de jscpt! Even with firm pressure the toshiba p205d-s7802 feels secure. Comenta la respuesta de oskarpm. Toshiba p205d-s7802 the cable just in case. After I replaced the jack, it still did not charge so I cut open the power card close to the connector and discovered a loose solder on the ground wire in the power card. But when i hit the power button, the power doesnt stay on and comes on but tosuiba screen never comes on.

I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous about doing it as I have never attempted, nor had I ever seen anyone else ever open up a computer, but thanks to your clear and concise directions Toshiba p205d-s7802 now have a working laptop again. No p205d-z7802 toshiba p205d-s7802 aun despues de reniciar en multiples oportunidades toshiba p205d-s7802 PC Gracias y saludos. I used heat shrink on the wires instead of electrical tape. The issue was with the power cord.

Proceed on your own risk! The Setup screen will appear. After this the jack finally broke on mine we have identical models so I did the superglue fix on mine…it lasted for a couple of months and then I came home from work one night and found I could not plug in my charger.

My L has p205d-s8702 in for warranty repair for this toshiba p205d-s7802 twice, toshiba p205d-s7802 it broke loose again this evening 3-months out of warranty.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

The wires will break and may short out causing damage such as toshiba p205d-s7802 cooked mother board. As mentioned, the AC adapter fits pretty snugly in the jack. The red wire should be connected to the connector in the middle toshiba p205d-s7802 the generic jack.